who are we?

We do the doing!

DUO was created after seeing a need for a complete marketing services agency for small to medium sized businesses, one which is able to take on most tasks, from writing, designing and printing a mailer… to sticking on the stamps. An agency where the customer is genuinely put first. In many cases we become the marketing department or support for businesses who don’t have a dedicated marketing facility, getting to know you, your business, staff and suppliers.

This video was recorded 12 years ago and is as relevant today as it was then… our kids look a lot older now, as do we, but the video stays to remind us how cute they were… and to embarrass them… a parent’s duty!

Previously marketing managers for world leading media companies, we have vast experience and knowledge covering all areas of marketing and are used to dealing with tight budgets and vague briefs!

We have worked in a wide variety of markets and have proven that the sound concepts of marketing can move from industry to industry. So rest assured, you will be benefiting from a wealth of experience and expertise that can adapt to suit your business.

We believe wholeheartedly in customer service and value for money.  We aim to offer you a long term marketing support you can rely on, as and when you need it.