Over 18 years in business!

For any business to be going for over 18 years must be proof that it’s been doing something right.  In the marketing business it has also shown how we can adapt and change through some of the most testing times the industry has ever seen, in terms of technology and consumer demands…  and each day we continue to change to face each new challenge our industry throws at us!


  1. Congratulations Craig and Debbie on 10 years up. Always a true business partner through the good times and these more challenging times when a different approach is needed but always delivered with a cheery smile.

    • craigcurtis

      Thanks Ian. Got to keep smiling, whatever is happening! Looking forward to getting together soon. Craig

  2. Congratulations – no surprise given the unwavering support and expertise delivered every time! Your advise, support and technical/ marketing expertise was invaluable in helping me set my business up.

    Great service from professional lovely people.

    The very best.


    • craigcurtis

      Thanks Stuart. It was a pleasure. Looking forward to watching your business grow and grow. All the best Craig

  3. Amazing response times, great work and a partner we feel we can work with on any size of project. I think we have worked with you from the start and have enjoyed every minute. Save us some cake!

    • craigcurtis

      Thanks Mark. You know cake doesn’t last two seconds at DUO, but I’m sure we can save some for you.

  4. Michael Thompson

    During the times I worked with you whilst I was at Microsoft UK, you were a truely great partner with some great Direct Marketing camapigns. Let me know if you ever look to expand into the Middle East, where I am now based.

    • craigcurtis

      Thanks Mike, we had fun doing it. I think DUO Middle East Division has a ring to it. Hope all is well. Craig